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Tropical Leaves


Eliminating barriers through education and enrichment for the youth of Haiti.


Jeanne Dicette Bernard is the mother of our founder, Ernie Bernard. She unfortunately passed away while giving birth to him. To pay respects to her legacy and to give back to the youth of Haiti, it has been our mission to establish a school in the town she grew up, Petit-Goâve, Haiti.  With all the support you have given uswe are extremely proud to say that we've built our first school, the Institution of Jeanne Dicette Bernard.  


We all need a helping hand.  Sometimes that help comes in the form of advice and other times, that assistance is financial.  At Haiti Study fund we provide qualified staff, books, uniforms, a meal and love.  Due to your support, you have made many dreams come true.  For that, we sincerely thank you. - HSF


Over the past few decades, Haiti has been stricken with political unrest and natural disasters that have devastated the island. Recently, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook the island killing thousands of people.


With limited access to good jobs and the outside world, the lack of reliable electricity and access to the Internet has left Haitians with little hope to excel. 70% of Haiti’s inhabitants are under the age of 30, and unfortunately the younger generation has been the most negatively impacted.

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